Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism (some call this 'Christening') is a Sacrament of the Christian Church - a sacred rite or service, where we believe God's Holy Spirit is specially present, as a blessing for the one to be baptised, for the family and godparents, and for the Church. In the water of Baptism, we are refreshed in God's love, as we make vows to turn towards Christ and away from sin - for ourselves, or on behalf of a young one.

Do ask the Rector about a baby or child's Baptism - and also teenage or adult Baptism, which are equally wonderful celebrations!

Baptism can form a significant part of the regular Sunday Worship at any of the Parish Churches; however, if a Baptism Service is held at a different time then the newly-Baptised is welcomed into the whole Church community with their family and friends on another Sunday.