Marrying in Church is a sacred and beautiful celebration of God-given love. Please contact the Rector (The Revd Christopher Huxtable), as early in the planning as possible, to enquire how we can arrange this together!

    Let's start with 'Thank you for enquiring - let's see how we can say 'Yes!' " 

Jesus was a guest at at least one wedding; the Bible reflects on the imagery and integrity of marriage to affirm the commitment of the relationship between God and humankind; and the Song of Songs celebrates the intimacy of married love, in a beautiful biblical poem.

"I do!!"

Questions we can discuss:

*Do we need to live in the Parish?

*Can we marry in any of the Three Churches?

*What if we've already been married, and are


*Can we receive help on shaping our Wedding?

*Is there a financial cost? 

*What are Banns?

*Are the Churches fully accessible to all?

*Can we have a Blessing of our Civil Marriage?

*Can we ask lots more questions?!