Marrying in Church is a sacred and beautiful celebration of God-given love. Please contact the Rector as early in the planning as possible, to enquire how we can arrange this together!

    Let's start with 'Thank you for enquiring - let's see how we can say 'Yes!' " 

Jesus was a guest at at least one wedding; the Bible reflects on the imagery and integrity of marriage to affirm the commitment of the relationship between God and humankind; and the Song of Songs celebrates the intimacy of married love, in a beautiful biblical poem.

"I do!!"

Questions we can discuss:

*Do we need to live in the Parish?

*Can we marry in any of the Three Churches?

*What if we've already been married, and are


*Can we receive help on shaping our Wedding?

*Is there a financial cost? 

*What are Banns?

*Are the Churches fully accessible to all?

*Can we have a Blessing of our Civil Marriage?

*Can we ask lots more questions?!